Posh and Lavish Latex Mattresses

A Posh+Lavish mattress is designed with anything but common materials. Each luxury latex mattress is built by hand for supreme comfort and longevity.

All premium mattresses are designed to support your spine. The Posh+Lavish mattress is designed to not only be extremely comfortable, but to also help you relax and heal your muscles during the night.

Posh+Lavish crafts mattresses and pillowtop pairings that create an uplifting, weightless and buoyant sensation. The feeling is truly luxurious and unparalleled.


The finest, most luxurious components are combined to provide exceptional performance and elegant comfort.

Posh and Lavish mattresses are made of the most premium latex rubber. It is the most resilient and highest quality material used in a luxury mattress. Latex does not store heat like memory foam, instead, it wicks away humidity. Nothing breathes better and is more comfortable, than sleeping on latex.
An abundance of wool is used in each Posh and Lavish mattress. Like latex, wool is a rarely used material in premium mattresses, and should be used more often. It is more resilient, elastic, and longer lasting than any type of polyester fibers.
There are two FR layers fully made of cotton. Once again, this is a rarely used material in the premium mattress category and adds exceptional comfort to the mattress. It is also more elastic and resilient than polyester or fiberglass FR barriers.

Watch Our Posh and Lavish Mattress Review

Just how good is a Posh and Lavish mattress? What are the benefits of latex over innerspring mattresses? We answer some of the most important questions to help educate mattress shoppers on the reasons why we should be sleeping on natural latex, luxury mattresses by Posh + Lavish.

Available in Split Head King and Split Head Queen